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Suggesting a Tutorial Empty Suggesting a Tutorial

Post by Sir Mayo ™ on 8/28/2013, 4:53 pm


So if you have a tutorial that you would like to have submitted then you must first Send the tutorial to Sir.Mayo and if the staff thinks it good enough then it will be posted and you will receive Credit for the tutorial! The staff reserves the right to Edit, Alter, or touch up your submitted tutorial in any way! The staff also has the right to deny your submitted tutorial with out Giving a reason other then "Your tutorial was not submitted"! Please also note that there will now be a field in your profile for the number of tutorials you have submitted! At this time there is no max limit to the number you can submit So keep them coming in Thank you!

Also tutorials copied from other sites will not be Tolerated!!! NO COPYING FROM OTHER SITES!
If you write in in your own words then that is fine but no tutorials from other sites Ex:

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