Custom Toolbar buttons to open a url

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Custom Toolbar buttons to open a url

Post by Sir Mayo ™ on 9/2/2013, 9:30 pm

This tutorial applies to:
Firefox and Firefox aurora!

Step 1:

Download the following add on:

Step 2:

When the following screen Shows up press install now

Step three:

When this screen pops up Press restart now!

Step 4:

Wait for Firefox to restart!

Step 5

Once fire fox restarts  right click anywhere in this area here and choose Add new Button (marked in a red box):

Step 6:

Click it the text box that says code and replace the content in side the text box with the following:

Step 7:
Adding a favicon if the site you added the button for has a favicon then give this site a visit
(just replace url here with the URL of the Website who's favicon you want!)

Step 8:

Press ok!
If done correctly the you should see this screen:

Step 9

 Right click anywhere in this area here and choose Customize (marked in a red box):

Step 10:

on the screen that pops up find your newly created button:
(it should be towards the bottom)

Step 11:

Drag the button where you want it to be displayed!

and your done!!!
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